Trout fishing excursion


Last weekend the City of Wasilla held its annual Christmas tree lighting at the Dorthy G Page Museum in downtown Wasilla. This was my first time attending the event and my first time at the museum. While the main event was outside, we headed inside the museum to get out of the wind and warm up.

My wife pulled me away from the model of Indepence Mine to show me a picture of a party posing in front of the Wasilla Depot with the words Trout Fishing Excursion at Wasilla, Alaska written on it. She knew I’d find it interesting.  

I asked the museum staff what they could tell me about this picture and they knew nothing about it.

The Wasilla Depot was built in 1917 (yeah, it’s 100 years old) but that’s all I know for now. I’ll see what I can find out about these early trout train excursions over the next couple of months and hopefully I can report back with more details. If you know anything about this picture or have any leads, leave me a note in the comment section below.

In the meantime, all I can do is speculate…

Wasilla Depot 100 years after construction.

Wasilla Depot 100 years after construction.